Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Our upcoming interview

We have lots to discuss today. One week from today, on Tuesday, 11/25, we will interview Constable Lambert Bossiere, Jr.

We'll go through a lot of research and assemble a list of topics to explore.

Some interesting links: On Black Creole undertakers, Economy Hall.

We will also look at what jobs we will all perform.

We will begin setting up the interview at 12:30, with a goal of starting filming at 1:30, running for an hour, or 2:30. We will take down the equipment and return it afterward. The 1:30 and 2:30 times are not precise.

Jobs that we need to fill:

Greeter: Waits for our guest to arrive, guides to the interview location.

Keeper of release form: Makes sure interviewee signs the form.

Chairs and furniture: People responsible for moving furniture as needed for interviewer and to clear room.

Lighting setup: Two people to set up the lights and on.

Audio setup: Two people to hook up all audio cables, microphone stands, and microphones.

A-Camera setup: Two people to make sure A-camera has been set up

B-Camera setup: Person to make sure b-camera has been set up

Interviewer A:

Interviewer B:

Interviewer alternate:

Interviewer 2nd alternate:

Each of the people listed must also make sure that they can do take-down of equipment as well.

Transcribers: If the interview is 1 hour, I will split it into 6 10-minute segments to be transcribed. It takes about an hour to transcribe 10 minutes of interview.

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