Thursday, September 4, 2014

Food and Class

Chapter three in Williams-Forson should offer us plenty of opportunity to discuss the role of different kinds of foods and their relationship to social class, particularly as they intersect with region and race.

But if I am successful with getting HBOGO to work in the classroom, I'm also going to show you a scene (it begins at 42:35) in season two, episode four of the series Boardwalk Empire in which the character "Chalkly" White demands some hoppin' john.

The idea of decorum, class, and their relationship with economic progress for African Americans is not an artifact of the past. We will encounter it with our understanding of Leah Chase.

I would like also, for a moment, to consider the work of Andre Perry. Dr. Perry was at Loyola and actually still keeps a residence here in New Orleans despite taking a job in Michigan. In fact, he's my neighbor. There will be a documentary to air on October 22 called Close Ties, about Perry's partnership with Chill's barbershop to instill pride and confidence in at-risk use through the use of ties.

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